About Us

Hello, my name is Arifin sugianto. I was born on 6 June 1984 in Bojonegoro, East Java. I was the owner of the website spordikanal. com. I created this Website with the goal to share the information I know about the world automotive industry. I hope the information I share on my website it can be beneficial to all.

I myself started terjuan in the online world about mid-2016, that time I began to recognize the name of the business on the internet, I’d join and learn internet marketing and blog Among bloggers in the world belong to Sumbodo malik and in Enjoy Digital Course courtesy of Woko wunggulan. And from there I started to deepen the science about how to create a website, SEO optimization On Page and Off Page, and much more.

In this website I will share information about the world automotive industry.

So, please, for those who want to find information about the world automotive industry can visit my website.

Thank you.