Sporty Sedans

Sporty Sedans

There are lots of sedan choices these days, including many that offer a sporty, performance-focused drive experience. Just because you’re being practical and

Sporty sedans represent the bridge between more placid commuters and all-out performance models. Owning a sporty sedan lets you enjoy a twisty road now

Family sedans have been a staple of the automotive industry for almost as long as they’ve been available. However, most consumers don’t 

If you want to put the pedal down but need the convenience of a four-door car, there are a number of sports sedans that may fit the bill. The best

Want a little extra excitement in your next sedan? Let the Edmunds experts help with this curated list of the best sport sedans for 2018.

We’ve listed seven of our favorite reasonably priced new sedans that are also surprisingly fun to drive.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite sporty sedans for less than $25000 with a manufacturer-backed certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty.

Looking forward into the new year for the newest and most anticipated cars is exciting. Car enthusiasts and new car buyers are always interested to see what the

This is part of the reason that sports car sedans are so well liked. Not only do they provide a sportier look and more performance driven features than standard