Suv Under 15000

Suv Under 15000

We can decide whether or not to visit the mall. We can even put off going to the grocery store (for awhile, anyway). The one venue that is inescapable for most of us is the gas station. Without weekly trips, our cars – and our daily lives – would come to a grinding halt. Despite their familiarity with the gas pump, most drivers have no idea how stations set their prices.  With millions of motorists filling up the tanks in their Suv Under 15000 or driving long commutes, the price per gallon is more important than ever.

Below, I’ll expose a common myth that many people have about gas prices at the pump. I’ll also provide a short list of three fuel-efficient vehicles that are popular among drivers and auto critics. Exposing A Common Myth, A lot of people believe that higher prices at the pump translate into higher profits for the station owner. In truth, that’s not the case. Profits tend to stay at the same level no matter how high or low the price per gallon. The thing that hurts owners the most is investing in long-term contracts at higher prices. When those prices drop, profits evaporate.

3 Fuel-Efficient Cars Worth Considering, The SUV trend that gripped the nation for years seems to be dissipating. More drivers are not only open to buying a fuel-efficient vehicle, they’re actively shopping for them. Here are 3 makes and models that are both reliable and easy on your pocketbook at the gas station:

#1 – Toyota Prius

Topping nearly every fuel-efficiency list is Toyota’s fast-selling Prius. This is the car that arguably started the hybrid craze. It gets approximately 45 mpg and at today’s gasoline prices, will sip just under $700 in gas per year (assuming you’re driving a standard 15,000 miles each year).

#2 – Honda Civic

This model comes in two forms: as a hybrid or equipped with a conventional gas-powered engine. The hybrid can deliver 42 mpg (an average between city streets and the highway) which means it will cost about $700 per year in fuel.

#3 – MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper has its share of fans and critics. But, it’s hard to ignore how many miles per gallon it gets (37 on the highway). While not as efficient as the Prius or Civic, the MINI Cooper isn’t a hybrid. That makes its performance even more impressive. At current gasoline prices, it will cost approximately $1,100 to drive each year.

Most automotive experts agree that gas prices will only go up in the future. And because our daily commutes are not shrinking, it may be time to consider buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. The 3 makes and models above are consistent performers that will help you keep a few dollars in your wallet each week.

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